10 things to improve in your Waterfall project

10 things to improve in your Waterfall projects that we can learn from Agile and DevOps

Not every project is working based on an Agile or DevOps approach.

Still, there are many things that we can improve from the way we run our Waterfall projects by adopting specific aspects from Agile, DevOps and even from MT (Modern Testing) approaches.

This webinar focuses on:

1. How to differentiate between a project working Agile and one working Waterfall, and why this is VERY important - Especially useful when you have a team saying they work Agile, while in fact, they are following Waterfall principles.

2. Good points we can implement into our Waterfall projects that we can borrow from Agile and DevOps

3. A very brief intro into MT (Modern Testing) and what can we adopt from it to our Waterfall projects

4. Points we should not try to bring into Waterfall from either Agile, DevOps or MT approaches - and why


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