Exploratory Testing and the DEER Heuristic

Apply the DEER heuristic to make your Exploratory Testing way more visible


Exploratory Testing is a great way to find bugs that test automation cannot. As an approach though, it's not that well known or understood. Sometimes that's because Exploratory Testing is not something that's easy to explain. It's also hard to know where to start and what to do if you get stuck. Good news! I've created the DEER Heuristic, to help you identify where to start and how to become unstuck and so find a whole different type of bug. Plus you get to develop a way to make your Exploratory Testing way more visible.


Join Anne-Marie in this interactive workshop where you get to learn what the DEER Heuristic is, and how to apply it to your work, making you an DEER Exploratory Tester right away!


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