SEBTE: A Simple Effective Experience-Based Test Estimation

Testers are challenged to provide accurate estimates. Magically test estimates become commitments always held firm even in the most turbulent context. Test estimates are based on shallow project insights. Estimators are often ignorant of key design, usage and environmental factors.


Many traditional project management estimation techniques fail when applied to testing projects. After all, what you test next depends on what you learned before and knowledge evolves as the project continues. Rob Sabourin shares SEBTE: a simple effective experience-based test estimation method used for over 15 years on a myriad of project types (IT, E-Commerce, Apps), lifecycle models (Agile, structured, waterfall), and technologies (Mainframe, Web, embedded, mobile, hybrid).


Rob shows how SEBTE helps you collect and exploit meaningful historic data as a natural part of your testing work. You will learn how to use SEBTE on charter driven or task oriented work breakdown approaches.

Rob walks you through several entertaining real world examples which will help you put SEBTE into practise right away.


Shift your testing Forward