Communication Skills for Testers


Communication Skills for Testers

Formally, communication is defined as “Imparting or exchanging of information or news”

Most testers think the scope of communication is limited to handing-in an accurate Status Update or reporting a Bug correctly.

But Communication is a lot broader than this!

A good tester uses communication not only to ‘let others know’, but also to get the information they need.
An even greater tester knows how to use communication as part of their actual testing, to focus their process and achieve better results.

In this Webinar we will go over all the advanced aspects of communication and how to leverage them as part of your testing:

  • The communication process in testing – a 360 Degree view.
  • How to leverage communication as an ongoing part of your process.
  • Tips and tricks on how to communicate effectively with your project stakeholders.
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