What Is Functional Testing? (The Intermediate Guide)

What Is Functional Testing? (The Intermediate Guide)

At the simplest view of software testing is the concept of “If I do something, then I should see an expected result”. Or, if I don’t know exactly what to expect, then “If I do something, then what do I see as a result?” This cause and effect nature of testing is known as functional testing. At the surface, it appears simple and easy – and it can be. However, in more complex situations, functional testing can be much more detailed and involved. In this article, we will explore some of the deeper concepts of functional testing.

Article outline:
  • What is Functional Testing
  • The Basis of Functional Testing
  • Features of Functional Testing
  • Functional Testing Types
  • Functional vs Non-Functional Testing
  • How to Do Functional Testing?
  • Functional Testing Best Practices
  • How Do Functional Testing Tools Work?

By Randall W. Rice

Randall W. Rice is a leading author, speaker, consultant and practitioner in the field of software testing and software quality, with over 40 years of experience in building and testing software projects in a variety of domains, including defense, medical, financial and insurance.
For more visit him at https://www.riceconsulting.com

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