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Being a part of the testing community, we always look for ways to share our knowledge and support fellow testers in their everyday testing issues. We gathered and wrote some information that you might find helpful. We hope you enjoy it – and feel free to share!

DevOps Testing Tools

DevOps Testing Tools: Leverage the Power of Automation

DevOps tools can help you speed up the testing process, especially when automation is involved. Discover top DevOps testing tools and learn key best practices.

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how to test bdd with PT

How to Test Behavior Driven Development (BDD) with PractiTest

Behavior-driven development or BDD, is a method for a more accessible and effective way for teams new to agile software delivery that aims at testing human behavior

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Coordinate Manual and Automated Testing

How to coordinate your automated and manual testing

Do you have tests that you still run manually, even though they are already automated? If you do, you are not alone. Even in companies with mature automation processes, some...

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