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Being a part of the testing community, we always look for ways to share our knowledge and support fellow testers in their everyday testing issues. We gathered and wrote some information that you might find helpful. We hope you enjoy it – and feel free to share!

Is excel holding back your testing?

Is Excel holding back your testing?

Find out if it’s time to start looking beyond Excel, and investing in a good test management tool to help you with your testing efforts.

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Webinar testing metrics small image

Testing Metrics Webinar

It is a known fact that whatever you measure will improve. Testing metrics are something that we as testers and test managers need to use in our favor, but it...

Test track tool

Test Management Comparison Checklist

Use this checklist to compare between the different solutions you are evaluating.

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What can we learn from the 2019 State of Testing™ Report

What can we learn from the 2019 State of Testing™ Report Webinar

In this Webinar, Joel Montvelisky, Lalitkumar Bhamare, Simon Prior, and Chris Kenst are reviewing the main findings of the 2019 State of Testing.

Become kick ass tester

Keep ahead of the curve & become a kick-ass tester

It is no secret that our professional environment is changing, but what does that mean for you and your work? find out how to keep ahead of the curve.

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test case tools

10 Important Guidelines To Follow When Writing a Test Case

Since time is a limited resource with a price, when it comes to writing test cases, be smart about it and write down the test cases that will bring you...

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