What is System Testing? An in-depth guide

How to approach the different facets of System Testing successfully

System testing is perhaps the single most important level of testing because it involves testing all the key elements of a system – software, hardware, documentation, data, networking, and how people interact with the system.
No other level of testing is this technical or encompasses this scope of testing.

In this article, we dive into what system testing is, and the various contexts of system testing that need to be considered throughout the process, along with the challenges and solutions.

Article outline:

  • The Nature of Systems
  • System Testing in the V-Model
  • When Does System Testing Occur in Software Development?
  • System Testing in an Agile Context
  • Which Types of Tests Occur in System Testing?
  • Sub-system Testing
  • Risks and Challenges of System Testing
  • What is a System Test Plan?
  • and more...

By Randall W. Rice

Randall W. Rice is a leading author, speaker, consultant and practitioner in the field of software testing and software quality, with over 40 years of experience in building and testing software projects in a variety of domains, including defense, medical, financial and insurance.
For more visit him at https://www.riceconsulting.com

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