Common Testing Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them


testing metrics small

How to plan and maintain a useful metrics program


Metrics are like a double edged sword. We (and other project stakeholders) all rely on them to gain insight and perspective of our projects. So how can we create a...

testing under pressure

How to Test Under Pressure


Here are our tips on dealing with the stressful reality of today’s fast paced development cycles!

Testing game changers webinar

Testing game changers


'Game changers' are simple things that flip a game on its head and give an advantage to the team that uses them. While more common in sports, the term can...

Coping with team growth cover image

How to cope with the growth of your testing team?


Growth is usually a good thing. But on the other hand it is also accompanied by lots of changes, varied amounts of chaos, and even some pain and frustration. In...

2017 Software testing trends


Based on the findings of the 2017 State of Testing Report, this online discussion with QA Intelligence blog’s Joel Montvelisky together with Lalitkumar Bhamare, Chief Editor of Tea-time with Testers...

advance your testing career

How to Advance Your Testing Career


Communication is the Most Important Tool of the Tester! As testers, we don’t understand the goals we can achieve with the correct Testing Communication. This resource will show you what...

testing pitfalls

10 Common Testing Pitfalls


This webinar is about 10 common problems usually found around testing projects, how to avoid them when possible, and how to overcome them when necessary.

how to test bdd with PT

How to Test Behavior Driven Development (BDD) with PractiTest

Best Practices

Behavior-driven development or BDD, is a method for a more accessible and effective way for teams new to agile software delivery that aims at testing human behavior rather than a...

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