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Being a part of the testing community, we always look for ways to share our knowledge and support fellow testers in their everyday testing issues. We gathered and wrote some information that you might find helpful. We hope you enjoy it – and feel free to share!

What is Functional Testing?

What Is Functional Testing? (The Intermediate Guide)

Functional Testing is used in software testing to verify what the software should do and its features/functionality. Read our new guide to learn more!

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‘PractiTest Live Training Session’

PractiTest Live Training & Q&A Session

Sign up for this open training session of PractiTest to discover best practices, tips and tricks, learn about features that would make your life easier, and save loads of time!

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‘Becoming a world-class tester’

Metatesting : The secret questions you need to ask yourself to be a world-class tester

Learn a handful of techniques for metatesting: testing the tester. Come away from this session with the secrets only the best testers know and the ability to wield them for good in your testing.

Embrace automation without fear

Embrace automation without fear - Guest Webinar by Ajay Balamurugadas

Ajay Balamurugadas shares how we can apply our existing skills in automation projects and how to learn just enough automation in order to contribute

What is user acceptance testing?

What is User Acceptance Testing? A Concise Guide to UAT Planning and Design

What is UAT testing? Discover all you need to know about User Acceptance Testing planning and design

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‘Growing an Experiment-driven Quality Culture’

Growing an Experiment-driven Quality Culture - Guest Webinar by Elisabeth Hocke

“Get inspired by team experiments to increase transparency, raise awareness, and especially drive experimentation in individual teams to grow a quality culture.

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