Keeping up your QA efforts while working remotely from home can be very challenging all around. However, this time of crisis can also be an opportunity to improve your personal skills and prepare for what you want next for your career. In fact, in times of uncertainty, many people start to re-evaluate their choices and consider making changes.

That is why we’ve compiled this all-access “survival kit” stocked with helpful resources, podcast episodes, blog posts, and webinars to see you through. Whatever is challenging you right now - we’re here to support you.

Manage distributed teams

How to Best Manage Distributed Testing Teams

Coordinating and managing distributed testing teams can be a nightmare, but not with the right test management tool and attitude in place. Here's how to successfully release your software developments, while manageing distributed test teams.

Remote testing

How to manage teams forced to test remotely

Nowadays, more than ever before, remote testing is taking center stage. Find out how to manage remote testing teams and remain productive during the global Corona outbreak and beyond.

distributed testing team

5 tips when working with distributed testing teams

Today, more than ever, our abilities to work remotely are being tested (a.k.a Corona Pandemic). This can be very challenging, but also a great opportunity for us to prove it is not only technologically possible but humanly possible as well.

Managing global testing teams

Managing global testing teams

Teams all over the world are outsourcing, crowdsourcing, offshoring, etc. The world is now a Global Village, and this is bringing many good things, but also quite a lot of challenges.

New skills set for the new testing professional

The New Skill Set for the New Testing Professional

As we are moving towards testing specialists in teams and organizations that are truly adopting DevOps, we need to understand that the skills that were relevant up to now will need some changes in order to keep providing value to the process.

Niches in testing

Finding the next step in your career development

There are so many different career routes for testers nowadays. In order to be able to choose what niche to focus on it’s recommended people try a plethora of different aspects of software testing and find one that resonates.

Communication skills for testers

Communication Skills for Testers

A good tester uses communication not only to 'let others know', but also to get the information they need. An even greater tester knows how to use communication as part...

Is excel holding back your testing?

Is Excel holding back your testing?

Find out if it’s time to start looking beyond Excel, and investing in a good test management tool to help you with your testing efforts.

test management software

Switching to a new test management software, Effectively.

Basic steps to follow while migrating to a new test management software solution so you can continue working without disruption and benefit from the advantages of your new QA Management...

Migrate from Quality Center

The Time Has Come - Migrate from HP QC

PractiTest is the most advanced solution for teams migrating from Quality Center. With a structured migration plan, 2-way seamless Jira integration, flexible pricing plan and the best support in the industry, PractiTest is the right choice for you

PractiTest integrations

PractiTest Integrations

Using Jira? Other bug tracking tool? Automation or CI tools? See how PractiTest integration allows you to have all your testing data at one central place.

test track tool

Test Management Comparison Checklist

Use this checklist to compare between the different solutions you are evaluating.