Test Management for Rally

Use PractiTest as your Rally test case management tool. Sync Rally work items to PractiTest issues and requirements, create tests to cover them, and gain end-to-end control and visibility.

With the integration between Rally, formerly CA Agile Central, and PractiTest, you can automatically report issues to Rally from PractiTest’s run or link a failed run to an existing Rally defect. Any work item in Rally requirement management software can be synced to PractiTest as an issue or requirement giving you the traceability you need for full control over your QA coverage.

rally practitest screens

Working with the Rally & PractiTest integration will give you full traceability for your entire process; you can import user stories as requirements to PractiTest, run tests to cover them, and if you encounter an issue - you can report it to Rally. When reporting to Rally, the system will create an equivalent issue in PractiTest that will keep syncing to the equivalent Rally work item. This way you can track each item to its source easily and visualize your entire process.

rally fail-n-issue

All synced work items keep updating PractiTest with any change made to the work items in Rally, allowing you to visualize your entire work process in PractiTest including items from both Rally and PractiTest. With PractiTest advanced dashboards and reports, you can visualize any aspect of your ALM process in a way that suits you or any other stakeholder.

rally practitest

PractiTest is an all-in-one test management solution where you and your team can manage, control, track, document, and optimize your QA efforts in real-time. Gain clear visibility of all your testing efforts, manual, exploratory, and automation, in one place. PractiTest fits all testing approaches, and enables confident software delivery, faster.

PractiTest Dashboard
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Rally management tool


Boost your Rally projects with an Application Lifecycle Management tool that helps you test and manage all working items, seamlessly.

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Rally requirements management software


Cover any work item in Rally with reusable tests in PractiTest. Report any issue from the test run and have full and clear traceability.

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Rally test case management tool


Manual, exploratory, and automated tests can all be run and managed in PractiTest making it the best tool for Rally test case management.

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Visualize your entire process in one place


PractiTest advanced Dashboards and Reports let you dynamically present relevant data, in a relevant way to each stakeholder based on your customizable filters.

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Real-Time Rally test case management tool


Keep all your team up to date at all times; any change made to an item on the Rally side, is updated immediately in PractiTest and you can rest assured everyone is updated.