Jira Test Management with PractiTest

Fully synced Test Management Solution for Jira Cloud, Jira DataCenter & Jira Server

PractiTest’s powerful two-way integration for all Jira hosting options, provides a seamless test management ,QA and development process solution that allows testing traceability from end to end.


Here's how it works

With the two-way integration between Jira and PractiTest, you can report, import and link requirements and issues and keep both elements synced at all times. Imports Jira user stories into PractiTest as requirements. Link those requirements to tests in PractiTest. Tests related to the user story will automatically update their progress and status in Jira. Report issues directly from your PractiTest run into your Jira project. The issue will automatically populate all relevant data in Jira based on the actions in PractiTest. While updating the Issue in Jira PractiTest will automatically be updated and vice versa.

  1. Import user stories to PractiTest and link to tests to create traceability
  2. Report failed test in PractiTest into Jira with full description
  3. Link existing requirement in PractiTest to Jira issues
  4. Import Jira cloud filters
  5. Changes in Jira are reflected automatically in PractiTest
  6. Changes in PractiTest are reflected automatically in Jira

PractiTest allows you to present a single, uniform view covering requirements, tests and issues. Generate comprehensive reports including test runs and issues detected during the process.

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Eggplant Test Automation powerful integration with PractiTest

Integrate your automated testing together with your manual testing, creating an end-to-end solution for your team! The new powerful integration between PractiTest test management and Eggplant true test automation, enables the seamless integration of your manual and automated testing efforts and reports. Users can now trigger Eggplant tests from PractiTest; when clicking “Run” in PractiTest, tests start running instantly on Eggplant Functional, and the results are posted back in PractiTest to generate visibility and analytics on their test runs.


What makes this Integration so awesome?

  1. You can trigger Eggplant automated tests from within PractiTest, creating an integrated workflow.
  2. You can continue working with PractiTest while results are coming back from Eggplant to PractiTest.
  3. The results of your Eggplant automated tests are automatically displayed within PractiTest’s Dashboards and Reports.
  4. Stay confident knowing you have full QA coverage and getting it with the most efficient way.
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Pivotal Tracker Test Management with PractiTest

End to end Test Management Solution for Pivotal Tracker

PractiTest’s seamless 2-way integration with Pivotal Tracker provides you with a powerful test management solution, enhancing the already advanced agile project management functionality of Pivotal Tracker.


Here’s how it works

  1. A test step fails in Practitest
  2. A user story is automatically created in the Pivotal Tracker (by tester approval)
  3. The issue is also created in PractiTest and it's automatically updated when modified in Pivotal Tracker
  4. Or synchronize an existing story in Pivotal Tracker to be shown in PractiTest

Whenever a test fails in PractiTest,  you can automatically create a user story in Pivotal Tracker with all the test history pre-populated. This story will be linked to PractiTest and updated constantly, as they’re modified in Pivotal Tracker.

What makes this Integration so awesome?

  • Integrating the systems allows both your R&D and QA professionals to contribute to the testing process
  • Issue reporting to Pivotal Tracker can be done while running your tests directly within PractiTest.
  • All testing reports, are done via PractiTest and data is updated online within Pivotal Tracker’s Stories.
  • Import Stories from Pivotal Tracker and manage them in PractiTest.
  • Information for both tests and User Stories representing issues are displayed together in PractiTest’s dashboard module.
  • Export customized reports via PractiTest’s dashboard module, with the linked issues from Pivotal Tracker.
  • All modification are updated in real time.

PractiTest  allows you to present a single uniform view covering requirements, tests and issues. Comprehensive Test Execution reports including test runs and issues detected during the process can be easily generated.

CA Agile Central (Rally) Integration with PractiTest

With the integration between Rally (CA Agile Central) and PractiTest, a user can automatically report and link defects (as issues) in Rally directly from a test run in PractiTest. When reporting to Rally, the system auto-populates information such as the state and the description based on the information gathered in PractiTest. This information can of course be edited.

Defects in Rally can be imported as Issues in PractiTest, and User-stories as Requirements. Existing defects and user stories can be linked and synchronized to PractiTest, making this an end-to-end solution from both sides

Those defects (either requirements or issues) that are linked to PractiTest will be automatically updated in PractiTest with every change in Rally.


How does it work?

  1. Report an issue with info from PractiTest run to Rally
  2. Import Rally defects as issues in PractiTest
  3. Import Rally User-Stories as Requirements in PractiTest
  4. Change in PractiTest will be reflected in Rally, and a change in Rally will be reflected in PractiTest
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Azure DevOps integration with PractiTest

End to End Test Management Solution for Two Way Integration with Azure DevOps

Working DevOps requires tools that support DevOps and cover the entire cycle of product development. The integration between PractiTest and Azure DevOps works in 2 ways meaning both systems are reporting to each other enabling perfect and seamless synchronization. The 2 way integration allows users to report issues from PractiTest test runs directly to Azure, link issues from the Azure project to a test step inside PractiTest, import Azure tickets as requirements and sync issues between Azure and PractiTest. To make it easier, the tickets’ name, description, and state are fully synced between the systems making the work smoother.


What can I do with this integration?

  1. Report an issue straight from the PractiTest run to Azure DevOps. The new Azure work item will be connected to a new PractiTest issue, and all the details in Azure will be synched to the equivalent PractiTest’s issue.
  2. link issues that already reside in your PractiTest project to an Azure work item. If you have a work item in Azure that you want to link to a test-step, you can import it from within the test run in PractiTest.
  3. Import your work items from Azure as requirements to PractiTest. You can import work items in bulk or one by one. You can also link them to relevant test cases to have traceability between the items.
  4. Import and synchronize issues from Azure DevOps to PractiTest

PractiTest and YouTrack Two-Way Integration

The PractiTest <> YouTrack integration helps you share information from one system to the other and back by allowing you to import and link Issues from YouTrack as Issues in PractiTest as well as requirements. While running a test in PractiTest, you can report bugs directly into YouTrack.

All linked issues will synchronise between the 2 systems automatically. Any updates made to an issue in YouTrack will be synchronized and updated in PractiTest, and vise versa. The same is applied to requirements that were imported to PractiTest from YouTrack.


What do I gain from this Integrations:

  1. Seamless workflow - by reporting bugs from a PractiTest run directly to YouTrack
  2. Real-time information - both systems are synched and each change in one of them will reflect to the other.
  3. Unified data and efficient work - importing issues and requirements to PractiTest and keeping them linked to each other
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