Fast Run General overview

Fast Run is a quick and easy one-step option to run your tests without needing to update every single step one by one.


1. Go to the “Test Sets & Runs” tab, enter the required Test Set, and select the relevant tests instances.

Fast run

​2. Press the “Fast Run” link on top right side of the Instance Grid, this will take you to the Fast Run screen.
3. Choose an option from “Pass All” / “Fail All” / “Block All” / “No Run All”.
The system will confirm your option, for example:
“This will Fail 4 Test Instances.”

4. To finish the fast run press on the Run button or cancel and return to the previous screen.

Fast run _bulk selection


The selected tests will be set to Pass/Fail/Block/NoRun/N status according to your choice.
Notice that if you will go to the test run and to the run steps you won’t find the usual test steps, and you will only see one step defined as “Step 1: Fast Run Step”​