PractiTest Time Management

Plan your testing assignments better with our Time Management feature. More control and visibility into your team’s work.

  • Better testing cycle planning and assignment using accurate time management.
  • Track duration of test runs,compare it to estimates, and make corrections online.
  • Gather information on the average time a test takes to run.
  • Report time metrics and embed it at any external dashboard.

In order to enable Time Management (on existing projects), go to Project Settings and check the 'Time Management' box.

enable time management

How to use PractiTest Time Management:

    1. Test Library: When creating a new test or editing an existing test you can enter an estimated duration time. Use this as a set point for later comparison with the actual duration time which the Time Management feature will update once the test is run.
      Read more about Test Library
      new test set duration
    2. Test Sets: Each test in the Test Set displays its estimated duration as well as the total estimate for the entire Test Set. The total estimate is the sum of all existing test times defined in the Test Library.
      Read more about Test Sets and Runs
      new test set time management
    3. Runs: The timer runs while you run each test and enter results. You can pause, edit and resume as needed to reflect actual run duration.
      After Run is complete the Test Set and Tests are updated with actual duration for comparison:
      time management updtaed test set after run

Please note that run duration should exceed 15 seconds to be recorded as an “Actual” duration.

In addition, the Running Time won’t be resumed in case you are entering the existing Test Run that was completed (there are no steps with NO RUN status). Press ‘Resume’ in order to manually resume running time within the run.

  1. Test Instances: monitor the duration of each test instance.
    time management in test instance
  2. Reports: Generate detailed reports that summarize Time Management results as well.
    Read more about PractiTest Reports.
    create new reporttime manaement in report