Settings Overview

You can customize almost every aspect of PractiTest to match your process and needs. For example, you can:

  • Add custom fields to the issues, tests, test sets, instances, or requirements levels to specify the module and feature they refer to in your system.
  • Modify the issue lifecycle to match your bug management model.
  • Define the personal email notifications you want to receive for changes to the bugs, tests, and requirements you wrote
  • Enable/disable different automation methods

All these customizations are managed in the Setting Module.

The settings module contains several sub-tabs, each one allowing you to customize a different aspect of the platform.

If you cannot see or access all the tabs mentioned in this help documentation, it may be that you don’t have the proper permissions to do so. Contact your PractiTest Account Owner to modify your access level.

Settings Overview

Settings Functional Areas

The Settings module contains the following areas: