Project Workflow

Access project workflow

PractiTest’s workflow editor allows you to customize the Life-Cycle of your issues to match your needs. You can add statuses to issues, and also decide which statuses an issue can be changed to, based on its current status.

Workflow settings

Adding a new status

Add a new Transition Status by entering its name and then pressing the Add button. For example, you can add a status “Rejected” for issues that turn out to be irrelevant.

To remove a status, click on the waste-bin icon to the right of the status. Notice that some statuses cannot be removed since they are used by the system to perform internal calculations.

Status Transitions

For each Status you can define the allowed transitions to another status, by choosing it from the Drop-Down list called new transition. Permissions to make these transitions can be given to all users of the system, or they can be limited to specific user groups (e.g. allow only managers to reject issues) by selecting the relevant group from the list. By default, transitions are set to all groups.

Defining such a life-cycle (as shown below) is as easy as mouse clicks with PractiTest:

Project workflow: bug-life-cycle