As you probably know, PractiTest allows you to upload files and attach them to all entities – requirements, tests, test sets, issues, and even individual steps and test runs. Like file attachments, link attachments can be added to all entities as well.

There are many free applications and services that allow you to capture screenshots and even upload large files. Here we would like to mention some of the applications you can use for this purpose: Dropbox, Jing, Screencast, and Awesome Screenshot.

1. Dropbox

When you need to attach a large file to an entity on PractiTest, Dropbox is an excellent solution.
Dropbox is a very useful service that lets you backup and share files with any user, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account. You can sign up for a basic account, giving you 2GB of space, free of charge. Dropbox also offers paid Pro accounts giving you a lot more storage space, but usually, 2GB is more than enough.

Using this service you can add links to online files in PractiTest. After signing up for a free account, you can simply move the files you would like to share into the Public folder in your Dropbox (either on your machine or on the Dropbox website), copy the public link, and add it as a link attachment on PractiTest. For more information about linking to files on Dropbox, Click here.

2. Awesome Screenshot

Most of the images attached to entities are screenshots. There are many screenshot services you can use for this purpose. Awesome Screenshot is a popular option among our users. it is an add-on for Firefox or Chrome, that allows you to capture an entire page or any region of it, annotate your images (e.g., add text, circles, arrows, and so forth), and of course, share them online. You can upload your files with a simple one-click action, and use the shareable link you receive in order to attach your files to entities in PractiTest.

awesome screenshot

To download Awesome Screenshot or read more about it, click here.

3. Jing

Jing is another great screenshot alternative, favored by many of our users. Developed by TechSmith, this free software allows you to capture screenshots and even record onscreen videos up to 5 minutes long. In addition, Jing allows you to instantly share your images with others. Simply capture an image or video and click “share” – the file’s URL will be automatically copied to your clipboard. You can then attach the link to your entities on PractiTest.


to download Jing or read more about it, click here.

When you share files captured using Jing, these files are uploaded to under your account name. another option is to use the service offered by separately – to upload content from your computer.

You can log into your account online, or use the Desktop Uploader to upload files to the server. Again, you can then add a link to these files for any entity on PractiTest.

screencast screenshot

5. is an online video editor that allows you to create high-quality videos from your mobile phone or computer. It can be used for creating screencasts, lectures, and even tutorials. It allows you to trim your videos, add effects like captions and music, and even convert videos into different formats. You can also convert audio files into MP3s. It has a free plan that allows you to create up to 10 videos per month.