Many of our users are working with both releases (versions) and milestones. We are often asked – what is the best way to work with both specifications in PractiTest? The solution is simple and will also allow you to organize your information efficiently.
For example, let’s say you’re working on release 3.0 , and your milestone is Beta.

First, you will need to create a list-type field for your releases in custom fields. (Don’t worry about adding new versions in the future – you can always modify the field and add values after it’s created).
Note that you can link your field to all entities – issues, tests, test-sets, instances and requirements. There’s no need to create the field for each entity separately.

In the example below, we chose to make this field available for issues, tests and requirements.

Releases and Milestones image 1

The next step is to create a linked-list field for milestones.

Select the value “linked list” from the Field Format dropdown-list, and then choose your previously created list-field as your parent list. Enter the linked-list values for every value of the parent list.

Releases and Milestones image 2


If you made both fields available in an entity (for example, in issues), once you choose a release, you will be offered the possible values in the linked Milestone field.

The fields you created can now be used to organize your information in many places in the system. For example, you can use these fields to filter your issues by release and/or milestone.

Releases and Milestones image 3

You can also create dashboard items for each version or each milestone, for a quick overview of your testing process and progress.

Releases and Milestones image 4
In addition you can use the filters you’ve created for dashboard items, or to create a report for a specific release or milestone.
Releases and Milestones image 5

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