Many of our users are working with sprints. We are often asked – what is the best way to organize by builds in PractiTest? The solution is simple and will also allow you to organize your information efficiently.

The first step is creating a new custom field of list format for release/build/sprint/version. The field can either be created by navigating to Settings - Fields - Create New Custom Field or directly from an entity (in this case, from a test set). In the field’s configuration, after choosing the field’s name, format, and entering the wanted values, make sure you link the field to the TestSet entity (if needed, you can also link it to Issues).

Releases custom field creation

The organization by sprints should take place in the Test Sets & Runs module. The Test Library module is a library in which you store your test cases. The execution of the test cases happens via the Test Sets & Runs module. Therefore, this is the module you should use to organize your test execution.

After the field is set and the current sprint value is assigned for the relevant Test Sets, you can create a custom filter in order to present the Test Sets assigned for the current sprint. When a new sprint is coming up, you can use the test set permutations feature or the batch clone feature in order to duplicate the relevant Test Sets and assign them with the relevant sprint value. You can create a new filter for every new build directly from the action of cloning the Test Sets or creating the permutations.

Sprint filter

Another less recommended option for organizing your data by sprints, is linking the sprint field to the Test Instance entity, adding the relevant test cases to the same Test Set whenever a new build is coming up, and using the sprint field to differentiate between the different builds. Then, you can add the sprint field as a column to the Test Instances grid, and see all builds’ data within this same Test Set.

Instances grid by sprint

After organizing your data by sprints, you can easily create reports and dashboard graphs based on the different sprints by basing the report/graph on the relevant sprint filter.

Run status by sprint graphReleases and Milestones image 4