The issues module is where you add, view, and modify your issues (an issue can be a bug, a task, an enhancement or feature request). Issues reported directly from Test Runs, or using Bug By Mail, will also appear in the issues grid.

The filters tree

The filters tree allows you to organize your issues by creating different filters using different parameters. You can read more about custom filters here.

Fast Filters

Allow you to search for issues from the grid itself, using the current grid’s criteria. If you would like to search all issues, make sure you’re viewing the top parent view (“All Issues”).
Once you’re finished searching, click on the “reset filter” link (shown in the image above) to clear the search results.

issues module fast filters


Allows you to create a report for several selected issues. These are different from the reports generated in the Report Center, since you do not have to choose an entire view to print. Simply select issues using the checkboxes on the left side of the grid, and click on the “Print” icon to save or print a report for these issues.

Batch Edit

Allows you to edit multiple issues simultaneously. Select the issues you would like to edit using the checkboxes on the left side of the grid, and click on the Batch Edit icon. The changes you make will apply to all the issues you have selected.
Note: users of type “administrator” can update the statuses regardless of the allowed status transition (the allowed transitions are defined in the Workflow Editor)

Issue defect age

This system field shows the number of days since an issue's 'created date' until 'today' or it's closed date. This is an important piece of infromation for issue management and prioritization.

issues module defect age

Issues Deletion

In order to enable issues deletion, go to the Account Settings – Projects Management – click ‘Edit’ icon near the project, check ‘Enable Issues Deletion’ and click Update.


Bug by Mail

With PractiTest you can report Issues directly from your email client. This is great if you have customers or field engineers (sales, support, etc) who don’t have access to PractiTest, or if you want to forward someone’s bug directly from your inbox to the system:

in order to access your targeted email address that will enable you to report bugs by mail:

Access your project settings .

In the personal tab , on the upper right corner you can find this box with your project’s individual email address.

<Bug by mail

* Please note that ‘Bug by Mail’ is not available in case you have a two-way integration as you report all bugs via a third-party system.