PractiTest and YouTrack Two-Way Integration

The integration between PractiTest and YouTrack helps you share the information between these two systems by allowing you to import and link Issues from YouTrack as Issues in PractiTest. Testers can also use this integration in order to report bugs directly into YouTrack from a Test Run within PractiTest.

After the YouTrack integration is configured by your account manager, each issue from YouTrack can be imported to PractiTest.

The Issues imported into PractiTest will automatically be linked back to the original issue in YouTrack. Any updates made to an issue in YouTrack will be synchronized and updated in PractiTest, and vice versa. The same is applied to requirements that can be imported into PractiTest from YouTrack.

Note: YouTrack integration is available for YouTrack Cloud instances and the latest on-premises version.


PractiTest and YouTrack Two-way Integration – Configuration


PractiTest Account settings:

1. Go to YouTrack in order to create the API token. Note, you need a user in YouTrack that has access and permission to create and update entities in all the projects you’d like to integrate between PractiTest and YouTrack. Follow these instructions to create the API token. Only the YouTrack scope is required. Copy the token once it is created.



2. Now you need to paste the YouTrack API token you created into PractiTest. Go to Account Settings > Integrations > Choose 'YouTrack (by JetBrains)' and Press: 'Create token and continue with YouTrack integration'. Then, Insert the YouTrack API TOKEN in the box.


3. Add your YouTrack instance URL. An example:

4. Press 'Update and Get Projects', this action will also create a new workflow in your YouTrack account, which enables this integration to work. Then you need to go to YouTrack > Settings > Workflows > Update PractiTest > add relevant projects.




PractiTest Project settings:

Now that you have created an integration between your PractiTest and YouTrack accounts, you can move on to defining the integration for individual project settings.

5. In PractiTest, go to Project Settings > Integrations, and activate YouTrack Issue Integration.


6. Select 'YouTrack (by JetBrains)' from the select list.

7. Choose the default project that will be shown when a user starts reporting or synchronizing the Issues. You will be able to choose any other project as well if you wish to do so later in the process.

8. Press 'Update Issue integration'.

PractiTest and YouTrack Two-way Integration – Workflow

Fail & Issue – Reporting an Issue to YouTrack

After enabling the YouTrack integration, you can create issues from failed test runs using the “Fail & Issue” feature inside PractiTest’s Test Run.

  1. Go to Test Sets & Runs tab and select a Test Set.
    Test Sets & Runs
  2. Choose an instance to run.
  3. Click 'Fail & Issue' under the relevant step.
  4. You can edit the Issue fields or leave it with default values.

After submitting you can see the YouTrack issue has been created and connected to a new PractiTest Issue.

Note: if you don’t see all YouTrack projects you integrated with PractiTest when creating a new issue, please go to the Account Settings > Integrations tab, and the press ‘Update and Get Projects’ button.

Importing Requirements

Click on the down arrow next to the 'New Requirement' button and select 'Import a Requirement'. This will help you choose any issue you want to import into PractiTest so that you can then link it to your Test Cases in order to create traceability links between them.

Synchronizing an Issue

If you want to import an existing Issue from YouTrack as an Issue in PractiTest you can click on the down arrow next to the 'New Issue' button, and select “Sync a new Issue from YouTrack”.

In the appearing Modal Box paste the Issue ID and click on Synchronize