If you are using an old Jira integration version (up to 2.4), please update the integration to version 3.0.x as explained here.

Jira Two-way Integration Troubleshooting - Table of Contents

Global Issues (Cloud, Server, Data center and no-plugin)

Jira Server and Data Center


Global Issues (For all Jira users)

Before checking specific issues, please make sure your integration is configured properly, Please use this page for Jira Server configuration, and this page Jira Cloud.


Jira project is not shown in the settings

If you cannot see your JIRA project in the settings it could be that not all your Projects in Jira are defined for the integration (either from the start or after you defined them, someone removed them from the integration list of projects). Ask your JIRA Admin to check if your project is excluded from the integration. (In your Jira account, go to Settings -- Apps/Add-ons -- Manage Apps/Add-ons -- Configure. Check that the name of your project is ticked)


Receiving an error when reporting an issue from PractiTest to Jira

The problem might be in Jira and not in the integration. Please try to create an issue in your Jira project. If you fail to do so - please contact your Jira admin to solve this. If you manage to create an issue inside Jira, please look for your specific issue in the following items.

Required fields in Jira do not appear in PractiTest modal box when reporting an issue, and an error message appears

There could be a few different scenarios that could cause that, all based on Jira configuration. A common problem we found is that the required field in Jira is not defined for the Jira project the user is working on (Which means that also in Jira you will get the same error message when trying to create an issue for the same project). To fix this, you should go to Jira settings (In Jira, not PractiTest) - Issues field configuration - default field configuration. Find the field that is causing the issue. You will see that your project does not appear with all the screens of this field. Press Screens and tick the screens relevant to the project you are working on. Refresh screens and you shouldn't get the error message again. In case this was not the issue - please contact our support.

Permission error occurred in Jira when clicking on ‘Fail and Issue’ in PractiTest

When you try to report a bug in Jira you get a permission error: "Permission error occurred in Jira. Please validate that your Jira user has the right permissions." This error message indicates that your Jira user that is associated with your PractiTest user doesn’t have permission to create an issue in Jira. To solve this please try one or both of the following options:

  1. Ask your Jira admin to verify your user has the following permissions:
    • In the Project level permissions (in Jira go to Project Settings -- Permissions):
      Browse Project, Create Issue, Edit Issue
    • In the Global Permissions (in Jira Settings -- System -- Global Permissions):
      Browse Users
  2. Associate your PractiTest user with a different Jira user:
    Please go to Project -> Personal Settings -> "Click here to change your personal information" -> "Click here to login to JIRA as a different user". We will review our logs and check if there were any denied calls made to our servers.


“Jira user account is not configured” message received when adding a test from Jira

After configuring the Jira PractiTest integration, the linkage between your PractiTest user and your Jira user will be formed on the first time you report an issue to Jira from PractiTest run, or the first time you import issue/requirement or from the project integration settings.
In case you didn't do that yet and you tried adding a test from the Jira panel, you will get an error message.

add test from Jira

Please go to Project - Personal Settings - Click here to change your personal information (including language): ‘Click here to login to JIRA as a different user’.
If you are using the "Jira no-plugin" integration, you should link the user in the project integration settings.


Jira Server and Data Center

PractiTest can integrate with only one Jira Server. Before checking specific issues, please make sure your PractiTest plugin is installed only on one server. If you are unsure about this, please contact our support team for assistance.


Issue/Requirement is not synced with Jira

Please check your Webhook is configured properly. Please use this page.


Not able to sync new issue or sync new requirement

When encountering such an issue, please go to your account settings in PractiTest and test the connection. If it doesn’t work there are a few things to check:

  1. Plugin is installed correctly - please check you have PractiTest installed under Apps/Add-ons in your Jira administration window. Press configure and make sure the API token used is the correct one. To verify the token, navigate to the account settings - integrations tab.
  2. Application link - please make sure the application link has been created properly using the PTOauthKey, Public Key, and Consumer Callback URL that can be found here.

If you checked all the above and still have an issue - please contact the support team.


Jira fields aren't updated in PractiTest

If Jira fields in PractiTest are not being updated with changes made in Jira, please go to Jira system → Webhooks → PractiTest webhook. Verify that the Exclude Body checkbox is unchecked (as it should be by default).