PractiTest JIRA Two-Way Integration Functionality

PractiTest’s integration with JIRA, enables a seamless workflow and better test management for the whole QA process.
After a simple configuration, PractiTest allows you to manage and present any issues or requirements created in JIRA, as well as generate issues back into JIRA. The Integration is continuously and automatically updated between the two, allowing a single, uniform view covering requirements, tests and issues. Comprehensive Test Execution reports including test runs and issues detected during the process can be easily generated.

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JIRA Two-Way Integration – how it works
JIRA Two-Way Integration – Improvements
Import Requirements from JIRA into PractiTest
Linking existing Requirements in PractiTest to JIRA Issues
Ready to roll: Running tests in PractiTest, seeing issues in JIRA
Embedded PractiTest Test cases and Test runs within your JIRA Issues

Two-way integration – how it works

Once the systems are (easily) configured and integrated, issues detected during testing in PractiTest automatically open a new issue form in JIRA with all the data (steps and actual results) already pre-entered. This is the case for both one-way and two-way integration.

With two-way integration, the new PractiTest link to the issue in JIRA is automatically updated with the name of the issue, its status and description; the two systems are always in sync, eliminating the need to enter JIRA to check issue status.
Note: The two-way integration is supported only under PractiTest’s Enterprise license

Two-way integration – Improvements

We have expanded the JIRA Two-way Integration to include functionalities to make things a whole lot simpler:

– Import requirements with full description from JIRA and manage them in PractiTest (linking to test set, running tests, reporting and more)
– While running tests in PractiTest, report new bug automatically in JIRA from within the run.
– Link a failed test step in PractiTest to an existing bug in JIRA.
– Easy integration set up
– Information between JIRA and PractiTest is continuously synced, for seamless workflow.

Import Issues and Requirements from JIRA and then End-to-end test management in PractiTest.

Importing Requirements from JIRA into PractiTest

  1. In the PractiTest Requirements module, you can select to Import a requirement from JIRA.
  2. Enter the JIRA Issue key (Issue ID) to import into the PractiTest Requirements grid.
    ** While the requirement resides in PractiTest it is automatically updated when updated in JIRA.



Linking existing Requirements in PractiTest to JIRA Issues

  1. Select an existing Requirement in PractiTest.
  2. Click on the “Link” icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Enter the JIRA Issue key.
    * You can choose to un-link or link back any Requirement at any point.
Link or Unlink Requirements from JIRA to PractiTest
Link or Unlink Requirements from JIRA to PractiTest

The PractiTest-JIRA Integration means you can import or link requirements from JIRA into PractiTest and then complete the end-to-end testing process using other PractiTest traceability functionalities by linking requirements to tests in the test library, test runs, reporting etc.


Ready to roll: Running tests in PractiTest, seeing issues in JIRA

  1. Run your tests normally.
    When you encounter an issue click the Fail & Issue icon (or prior to that, save the “Step’s Actual Results”).
  2. A new browser tab or window (based on the configuration of your browser) will be launched opening your JIRA new issue page.  You will see all the test data already pre-entered, including the summary and description pre-filled with steps you’ve executed, and the failed “Step’s Actual Results” (if this information was already entered in PractiTest). You may add more details to the issue. Then Save.support_seeing_issues_in_JIRANote: Multi projects and Multi types – Set different project and different issue types to open directly in JIRA. Once you run the test, when you put your mouse over ‘Fail and Issue’ you can select which project or type (based on your previous configuration) you’ll open in Jira.

jira_multi_project3. Having saved the Issue (step 2), the plugin does the rest, keeping the issue and test step synchronized.

  • PractiTest will continue to be updated even when you change issue status, name or description.
  • Manage Issues in PractiTest: All Issues connected to JIRA will be seen in PractiTest and synced automatically as there are changed in JIRA
Import Issues from JIRA
Import Issues from JIRA directly into PractiTest Issues and manage them

Embedded PractiTest Test cases and Test runs within your JIRA Issues

  • View live updated information from PractiTest directly in JIRA.
  • See the Test runs from practiTest that are linked to any JIRA issues.
  • See the linked Test cases from Practitest that cover any JIRA user story or requirement.


desplayOf tests in JIRA


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