JIRA Configuration

Follow these steps to configure your PractiTest JIRA Two-Way integration

Devoted to your JIRA issue tracker? At PractiTest, we understand… and so we’ve enabled integration with JIRA, leading to the seamless management of a comprehensive end-to-end QA and development process using both these great solutions.
Following this simple setup, JIRA will be automatically updated with issues arising during testing with PractiTest, though you can still add details in JIRA about each issue. PractiTest also allow users to present a single, uniform view covering requirements, tests and issues.

Table of Contents

Two-way integration – how it works
JIRA Cloud
JIRA Server
Test Management for Jira
How to include only part of your JIRA projects in PractiTest Integration and exclude others
Project Setting (for both JIRA Cloud and Server)

Two-way integration – how it works

Once the systems are (easily) configured and integrated, issues detected during testing in PractiTest automatically open a new issue form in JIRA with all the data (steps and actual results) already pre-entered. This is the case for both one-way and two-way integration.

With two-way integration, the new PractiTest link to the issue in JIRA is automatically updated with the name of the issue, its status and description; the two systems are always in sync, eliminating the need to enter JIRA to check issue status.

The two-way integration is supported only under PractiTest’s Enterprise license

General Configuration

JIRA Cloud (Atlassian Host)

1. [Project Admins] In PractiTest, go to Account settings > Integrations tab > select JIRA Cloud.
2. Get the API_TOKEN
Inside JIRA – Install PractiTest Plugin for JIRA Cloud
[JIRA Admin] Go to JIRA and look for add-ons and install it:


  • Fill out the API Token from Step 2.

Goto Rest of Project Settings (for both JIRA Cloud and Server)

JIRA Server (on Premise / you host)

1. [Project Admins] In PractiTest, go to Account settings > Integrations tab > select JIRA Server and generate and copy API Token.
2. [JIRA Admin] Click on the “Administration” link on the top right.
  • Click Manage Plugins and then Upload PluginJIRA manage plugins
  • Upload the jar file – get the latest plugin from the atlassian marketplace
  • Click configure under ‘practitest-jira-lite’
  • Fill in the API-Token (taken from the PractiTest Account Settings)
    – The Host should be https://api.practitest.com/
    – The Proxy should be wss://proxy.practitest.com:443/
  • Note: verify Connection Status is Connected.


*Please note: The PractiTest plugin for JIRA is supported for JIRA-4 and above
In addition please note that the ‘pt_id’ custom field will be automatically added to your JIRA custom fields after installing the PractiTest plugin.
In case you have many boards within JIRA project/s you would like to integrate with PractiTest or you have screens dedicated for issue creation, please associate the ‘pt_id’ field with boards screens/issue creation screens as well.
To do that, please go to JIRA Settings – Issues – Custom fields – press the ‘settings’ icon next to the ‘pt_id’ field – Screens.

How to include only part of your JIRA projects in PractiTest Integration and exclude others

Step 1: Go to your Jira Administration (Accessible for JIRA Admins only)
Step 2: go to Manage add-ons —> click on PractiTest Integration AddOn
JIRA Administration
Step 3: Click on Configure
JIRA Configure
Step 4: Check “Enable PractiTest addon for the following projects only” and check the specific projects that you wish to integrate. Any project that you don’t check will not be integrated.Note that by default the box is unchecked and all projects are integrated.
Check box configure

Project Settings: (For both JIRA Cloud and JIRA Server)

Steps to take with each project

1. [PractiTest Project Admin] In PractiTest, go to project Settings > Integrations , and activate the Issue Integration Support (click on the ‘Activate’ link).

PractiTest Settings Integrations

Then select the JIRA integration you want:
Set up practitest integrations

2. For each Issue type in JIRA that you want to integrate with your PractiTest project, add a line defining the JIRA project and Issue type.
3. Click the “Create Issue Integration” button to activate the integration.

Issue integration JIRA cloud

4. Repeat steps 1-3 for each project in PractiTest that you’d like to sync with JIRA.


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