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Jenkins plugin

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PractiTest Jenkins plugin

Create Test Runs in PractiTest with results from Jenkins builds

Plugin Installation

In Jenkins web UI:

1. Click on Manage Jenkins in the left menu


2. Select Manage Plugins


3. Go to Advanced tab

4. Scroll to Upload Plugin


5. Download the practitest.hpi file here

6. Press Choose File in the Upload Plugin section

7. Click the Browse… button

8. Select the practitest.hpi file

9. Click Upload

Plugin configuration

In Jenkins web UI:

1 Click on Manage Jenkins in the left menu

2. Click on Configure System

3. Scroll down to PractiTest Plugin Settings

4. Paste your API Token


Configure Jenkins project to create runs in PractiTest
If you don’t have existing projects create one by selecting New Item in the left menu. Click on the project you want to connect to PractiTest and follow these steps:
1. Click Configure in the left menu
2. Scroll down to Post-build Actions
3. Click on Add post-build action and select PractiTest
4. Paste instance URL from PractiTest (in this example:
5. Click Save

Run in console mvn hpi:run -Pjenkins

And access :


Run in console mvn hpi:hpi The practitest hpi file should be in target/ directory.

Running Jenkins in docker

To run jenkins in docker execute:

docker pull jenkinsci/jenkins:lts docker run -p 8080:8080 -p 50000:50000 jenkinsci/jenkins:lts

If you are running with docker-machine access jenkins through docker machine ip (to find out run echo $DOCKER_HOST) otherwise just access http://localhost:8080 in your browser.

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