Only in PractiTest! Customizable Task-Board to help users manage tasks more efficiently!

As all QA management tools, PractiTest defines entities by their subject. The entities we all know are Requirements, Tests, TestSets and Issues.

PractiTest allows you to define entities in a way that will help you prioritize, share progress (scroll down to see how data changes are being updated across the board) and have cross module view of your entities.


To enable the Task-Board, the project admin should click Settings on the top bar and choose Project. Then tick the Enable Task Board and save.

Enable Task Board

The Task-Board tab is right next to your dashboard tabs,
Task Board Tab

and can also be opened using the Project dropdown list

Task Board drop down list


Default View

The default view will include 4 lanes: Waiting, ToDo, InProgress, Done (adjustments to lanes can be performed only by account owner)
and 3 filter categories: Project (N/A at the moment), Assigned To and Type (of Entity)

Default View


Adding items to Task Board

In order to insert real data and entities from your project into the task-board, go to any entity in your project (issue, test, requirement, Instance or testset) and on the right side, under Task Management, use the “Add to Task Board” drop down to insert the entity you are in, to the desirable lane in your task board.

Insert Entity to Task Board


The Tasks

The entity you chose will appear as a task on the board, in the lane you chose, including all the relevant data of the entity you chose such as: Assigned to, Status (for issues), run status (for tests) status bar for TestSets.

Data included in Task Board

The Task name includes the entity type, number and name. By pressing the task’s name, you will be redirected to the entity’s window in a new tab.

New Entity Redirect

Each task will also have an Archive button. By pressing the archive button, this entity will no longer be a task and will be removed from the task board (the entity itself will not be deleted). To re-insert it to the task board, you will need to add it to task board again as explained above.

TestSet tasks will have a Run button. Pressing it will take you to the first instance of the TestSet.


The Lanes

The number next to the lane name represents the amount of tasks in that lane.

Amount of Tasks in Lane

Lanes can be customized only by the account owner by pressing the Customize Lanes button on the top right hand side.

Customize Lanes

In the Lane Editor window you can edit lanes names, move them right & left, delete a lane or add a lane using the “+” sign on the top left.

Adding and Deleting Lanes

Every change made by the account owner to the lanes definition, will appear in all project user’s boards.


Filtered View

Filter your view by entity type or by person assignments by using the bar above the lanes:

Filter by type

Filter by user


Moving Tasks

The tasks are built as “Drag & Drop” blocks, meaning you can move tasks up & down and Right & Left between lanes easily (Press on image below). By doing that, the data associated to the task will be updated across the board, so all viewers will see the changes and the Task Management data on the right side of the entity page will be updated accordingly.

The updates between tasks and entities work also the other way around, meaning – if data changes within the entity (for example when changing issue status from rejected to fixed) the data on the task board will be updated accordingly.

For more information please contact our support team.