Tapstorm Case Study

Telenor is one of the world’s largest mobile telecommunications companies with operations in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Asia. Tapstorm is the brand Telenor Business Internet Services AS operates under. They provide Cloud brokerage services for Telenor Group companies who wish to sell smart and affordable online services to their customer base.

The Challenge

Tapstorm has a small QA department which deals with System Integration testing, Product testing, Configuration testing and UAT. However, due to the rapid expansion rate of the company and the dynamic nature of their services they have a very short time to test before launching their service to each market.

They needed a clear and efficient QA Management system that can meet their demand for flexibility and incredibly fast response times. They also require a system that allows them to constantly create and remove projects (and users) based on their changing project needs.

The Solution

Tapstorm searched the market for a long term solution that would enable them to create and curate multiple projects and reuse their test cases within these projects. A testing repository and execution solution that would provide them with a way to leverage existing information between projects and get valuable time-saving results.

PractiTest offered this and more by also adding great flexibility to the QA process and helping Tapstorm reach it’s goal.

The PractiTest Benefits

PractiTest is a great test management solution as mentioned by Jose Anto, Telenor’s QA Lead and Systems Developer “Practitest acts as a repository for storing our tests & makes it possible to cherry pick tests for each project. It also makes it easy to launch test runs & assign QA resources based on the demands.”

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