Ornim Medical Case study

Ornim Medical is a bio-medical high-technology company specializing in clinical research, development, and distribution of medical devices in the field of tissue and cerebral blood flow and perfusion. Their technology provides physicians with unique monitoring solutions, revolutionizing individualized and personalized patient care.

Delivering such critical and complex products to the healthcare industry, the Ornim QA team were looking for an easy to use tool that will make their QA process & defect tracking clear and smooth.

Looking into PractiTest test management tool, they found exactly that. “PractiTest has all these and more. It has a simple process for requirement, test case, and defects, simple creation of dashboards for reporting. Basically, it answers most of the QA requirement.” Says QA lead Zion Adadi.

When asked what the main reason was for choosing PractiTest, Adadi mentions 2 reasons: The excellent dashboards and report, and the filters that make the testing management and defect tracking much easier. He also refers to the advanced traceability that he uses to coordinate between requirements, tests and defects.

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