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ObserveIT Case Study

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ObserveIT is an Insider Threat Management[1] software company. ObserveIT provides insider threat security solutions, including employee monitoring, user activity monitoring, behavioral analytics, policy enforcement, and digital forensics to more than 1,400 customers in over 80 countries. The company’s software is deployed primarily in the financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and retail markets.

The Challenge

Observeit has a team of 16 testers, distributed in 2 countries.  Before working with PractiTest the company was using Microsoft Test Manager (MTM). 

Their main testing challenge was organizing and providing visibility especially around their testing coverage, and also integrating the results of their test automation as part of their overall testing reports and graphs. 

The Solution

PractiTest test management was easy to use, and allowed to report the results of our automation via their APIs, therefore supporting the ability to create reports and and real-time dashboards that gave stakeholders from the entire company access to the information of our testing suites.

The PractiTest Benefits

According to Avi Baruch, Observeit QA Manager, using PractiTest allowed the company to improve their QA efforts and results.

“Using Practitest – we are able to easily add missing tests, manage our testing library (progression tests, regression tests, etc.), keep all test execution history, and create reports covering both manual and automation tests” 

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