Freeman Case Study

Freeman is a leading provider of integrated services for marketing events, including trade shows, conventions, corporate events and exhibits. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas and with 40 offices in North America, Freeman produces more than 3,000 expositions annually, including 48% of the largest 250 U.S. trade shows, and more than 10,000 other events worldwide.

The Challenge

The Freeman QA Team conducts testing for a range of products, including eCommerce applications such as Freeman OnLine (FOL) and the Freemanco websites. The variety of tested platforms is large: from large software tools involving various testing platforms and environments, to small-scale products.

The Freeman QA team is also in charge of tracking bugs for products that are already in production, as well as new requirements originating from support.

Stephen Musal, Freeman’s Lead QA Tester: “Because we are a small team dealing with many tests for different products, we needed a reliable system that could track our bugs and link them to the product primary requirements.”

The Solution

Stephen found PractiTest through searching the Web for hosted testing solutions: “I was impressed by the ease of use and administration, plus the ability to migrate from another hosted solution quickly. Initial deployment was completed within two weeks of acceptance, which saved us a lot of time in reporting and updating issues.”

According to Stephen, scalability, reporting and price were also major considerations: “PractiTest has a good dashboard showing project status, that is easy to export and share with other departments; and if I want to generate a report, for example, of the bug history through several versions of a certain product, it’s very easy to do.”

“It’s also easy to add and subtract licenses when we need to, and the PractiTest pricing is very competitive.”

Following the successful deployment of PractiTest at Freeman, Stephen decided to introduce Freeman’s offshore QA subcontractors to the PractiTest solution. “Our offshore testers are now also deploying PractiTest. We all agree about its ease of use, search capabilities and useful views.”

Using the same PractiTest system, in-house Freeman QA team can now conduct shared projects with offshore teams, and have clear real-time visibility of their testing and bug status. This, in turn, has led to improved coordination and supervision of offshore QA work.

The PractiTest Benefits

When asked about PractiTest benefits, Stephen mentions, first, better coordination of defects. “The most important aspect for us is tracking defects within projects and product versions, and grouping them in a hierarchical structure. Another big plus is that the system is set up to prevent duplicate bugs and include a flow, defining the state of each bug.”

Another benefit is the ability to trace test cases back to requirements. “The connection between bugs, test cases and requirements enabled us to assess in real-time the importance of each bug to the project.”

Stephen also points out the PractiTest central management and reporting features: “With PractiTest, we can access test information from a central location that provides a clear view of testing processes and status. This assists me in making more informed QA decisions, and in reporting to management”.

Another PractiTest benefit, Stephen wanted to mention, is the PractiTest support team: “The PractiTest team has always been great to work with. If I have found an issue they respond back quickly and very professionally. Without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, we are getting a great product with great support that fits the needs of our department.”

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