Alstom Case Study

Leading the way to greener and smarter mobility worldwide, Alstom offers a complete range of equipment and services, from high-speed trains, metros, trams and e-buses to integrated systems, customized services, infrastructure, signaling and digital mobility solutions.

To understand what Alstom’s QA needs and process are, we talked to Avijit Amitabh, Test Delivery Manager of the IS&T team that supports the IT projects for Alstom company, responsible for testing of all the critical IT projects.

Let’s start with the size of your team
Avijit: We currently have up to 50 users using PractiTest, divided to 2 teams.
And How did you manage your tests until now?
Avijit: We used HP QC for test management and we informed our management regarding the status of the testing and the project with Microsoft Excel, SharePoint or emails.

The Challenge

What was your greatest challenge?
Avijit: Not having clear transparency on test execution status and defects.

The Solution

Avijit and the management understood that in order to do their job better, they must look for a different solution.
“We were looking for SaaS based solution which can be accessed by all stakeholders including partners, integrators, editor, etc. The parameters that we considered during the evaluation were Test Management features, Pricing, Accessibility and Installation, Ease of Use and Configurability and Integration features.“ Says Avijit.
And why did you decide to go for PractiTest eventually?
Avijit: We evaluated 9 tools that answered our objectives, but PractiTest stood apart from others based on ease of use and their advanced integration features. PractiTest has advanced easy-to-implement reporting features which provided live transparency for management to get a clear picture of test status. The pricing is also quite competitive when compared with other major players in this domain.

The PractiTest Benefits

When we asked Avijit about the benefit his team and company get from PractiTest, he mentioned a few things that made the most impact.
“The main benefit we get from using PractiTest is better transparency and communication to all the stakeholders.”
Can you see this benefit extend to the company’s bottom line?
Avijit: The testing time cycle improved by using PractiTest which clearly translates into lesser time to market.
Avijit also mentions the human side of PractiTest. “PractiTest support team have been a great support during this time. I would like to specially mention that even though the agreement between the organizations was still in process , the PractiTest team understood the importance of the project and extended our trial licenses to ensure that the project deliverables will not be effected. Thanks a lot for your support.”
Any last words? Expectations you have from PractiTest in the future?
Avijit: To continue the good work, they are doing.

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