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Mindful Testing

Mindful Testing – Something Like Meditation for Your Testing Project

Mindful testing cannot be done by chance. However, from a testing perspective, it is the best kind of testing you can do, and many great testers will even define it as the only type of real testing to be done.

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How good it is to meet people in person again

How Good It Is to Meet People in Person Again

There is something different, orders of magnitude stronger and more powerful, about meeting in person.

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Finding your MVP

Finding Your MVP - Do You Even Know What an MVP Is?

Shaping features that have the functionality users want to use, helps your team expand the quality of your products

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Asking for help as a skill

Asking For Help When Needed – This Is Also a Valuable Skill

Even when talking about testing, there will be tasks that make more sense to ask someone with more experience and tools to solve.

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A Good Tester Asks Good Questions

A Good Tester Asks Good Questions

Your work is to test and to provide visibility into whether the application is meeting the quality standards of your users and stakeholders. The only way to do this is by understanding what’s important to all of them and creating a test plan (or work plan!) that will effectively cover it.

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10 reasons you are not a professional tester

10 Reasons Why You are NOT a Professional Tester!

Even if you don’t agree with me, I want to hear your feedback in order to learn from it and improve our work!

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