Redmine Test Management integration

Use PractiTest's Redmine plugin and synchronize your issues and tests!

Redmine Integration with PractiTest:

Assuming  you are pleased with your Redmine issue tracker and wish to remain using it, PractiTest has enabled various options for Redmine integration. The integration with PractiTest allows seamless management of your development process, and a comprehensive end-to-end QA solution.

Setting up Redmine integration is simple and is automatically updated with issues arising during testing with PractiTest. Note, that  you can still add details in Redmine about each issue. PractiTest also allows you to present a single, uniform view covering requirements, tests and issues. Comprehensive Test Execution reports including test runs and issues detected during the process can be easily generated.

PractiTest offers one way and two way Redmine integration
For a full explanation on Redmine integration stages and options see our support.

  • One-Way integration – standard integration that works like all other PractiTest integrations.  Once you click on the Fail & Issue link in a test run, it will open a new bug form in Redmine, with all the data (steps and actual results) already pre-entered inside Redmine.
  • Two-Way integration – works like the one-way integration with Redmine and in addition, displays in PractiTest the bug’s subject and status as it appears in Redmine. It also allows Redmine to update PractiTest (via a dedicated plugin) whenever the subject or status are modified.

Redmine Integration Demo

If your team is using Redmine to track bugs or issues, using PractiTest to manage
your tests will create a complete end-to-end QA and development process.

see our Redmine Integration support page for more information

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