Manage your Issues, Bugs, Tasks and Enhancements
And gain Visibility into your Project and Product

Your Project – work can be divided into Bugs, Enhancement Request and General Tasks; why manage each of them in a separate system?
Help your team work faster and more coordinated by tracking all their work in one place. PractiTest – Issues module helps you control your process and gain visibility into your Project and Process.


Customize your issues form

Customize your issues form

Customize your Issues Form

Define what fields to include in your Issues Form choosing from Lists, Check-boxes, Memo Fields, and more. The system helps you define the order of the fields in the form, as well as which fields are set as mandatory or optional, and even give them default values.

Part of your methodology is what data you collect as part of your process, with PractiTest you can assure your users always provide you the information you need.



Get Notifications

Get Notifications when your Issues are modified

PractiTest lets you define personal email notifications to stay up to date with all the changes done to the Issues that matter to you.






avoid duplicates

avoid duplicates

Stop Duplicate Bugs!

Help your users find and stop duplicate bugs before they are submitted into the System. PractiTest automatically checks the bugs you write, searching your Database for Issues that appear related and might be duplications to the one you are trying to report.

Duplicate candidates are graphically displayed and order based on Confidence Indexes to help you locate duplicatations before they are submitted.



Define WorkFlow

Define WorkFlow

Define the workflow of your Issues

Your Workflow defines the states of your Issues and the transitions between these states, helping you assure that your team follows the process and methodology you defined.

PractiTest allows you to define the workflow for your bugs, and define which groups are entitled to perform the different transitions between them. For example you can limit only your Team Leaders to Reject Issues, and only your Testers to transition a bug from Fixed to Closed.



Report Issues from Mail Client

Report Issues directly from your mail client

Allow people in your project or outside of it to report issues directly into your project from their Email Client.
Each PractiTest project comes with an individual email address you can use to add bugs (together with attachments!) directly into your project. This functionality is ideal for Ticketing Systems, Team Members reporting bugs from the field, and even for executives who like reporting bugs, but not logging them into the system.



Import Issues

Import Issues

Import and Export your Issues

When you start working with PractiTest there is no need to manually retype your bugs, you can easily import all your issues from any CSV file in a manner of moments.

In this same way, you can take any view you defined or all the issue data and export it to an excel sheet in order to perform any additional operations you need.